At the heart of Šumadija,
distillery Aleksić First.

The distillery was built in the village, the property of our ancestors...

Distillery consists of four tanks of 15000L where it ages hooks until relates acids are ideal.

Then we fill the kettles for distillation. We own four furnaces of 500 l, the flow pipe 5.5m. After the first distillation, the distillate is transferred into a tank, where it ages for about 60 days. Then it went back to the pot and is done redistillation, popularly known as undercooked. It separates the firstborn, to what we need, and foots part.

Such distillate later to a desired stepenažu and descend to the basement to aging. We own 30 per barrels of 500l. All barrels are of sessile oak and they are aging our plum Gružanska Nit.



Rural tourist household

Aleksić Vladanke

Our household and flower garden
Fruit to sweeten guests
Ethno restaurant
Accommodation homemade
Homemade cakes
Leaf and pigac on cirl
Seminar in Bosnia
Novi Sad Fair
Guests from Cyprus
Guests from Slovenia
And of course Drakče
And smile of good housewives